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November 2022 -

My Role:
Game Designer, Writer, Illustrator

What is Urchin's Fall?

          Urchin's Fall is a multiplayer tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) set within a Post-Post-Apocalyptic Science-Fantasy world, which was initially released to for free on January, 2023, with an updated Alpha v2 launching later in August of the same year. A large-scale portfolio piece intended to showcase a much wider range of my skillset, Urchin's Fall was developed almost entirely by myself, save for the occasional instance of a friend helping with playtesting, editing, or graphic design. I am directly responsible for the game's design, writing, balance, illustration, and a large portion of the editing.

          What sets Urchin's Fall apart from other TTRPGs is how the combat system uses directional defense values to allow players to coordinate strikes around a target, as well as the unique player customization options on how to combine class and spell selections. This mix-and-match customization system is primarily inspired by the Job System from Final Fantasy V and similar titles, and the class options from Divinity: Original Sin 2. Each different magical element a player can learn has a unique playstyle, which can be further combined with the bonuses that are gained from selecting a species and class, giving players a wide variety of destructive and creative builds.

          Urchin's Fall is publicly available for free, and features a 170+ page Player's Handbook written by yours truly, which comes with a wide array of sample character sheets. This project has been entirely built from scratch, including original rulesets for combat and exploration systems, as well as entirely original species, classes, spells, and locations to give players a world to explore unlike any other.

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