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November 2022 -

My Role:
Solo Designer

What is Urchin's Fall?

          Urchin's Fall is a multiplayer tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) set within a Post-Post-Apocalyptic Science-Fantasy world, which was initially released to for free on January 13th, 2023. A portfolio piece intended to showcase a much wider range of my skillset, Urchin's Fall was developed almost entirely by myself, save for the occasional instance of a friend helping with playtesting, editing, or graphic design. 

          As of present, Urchin's Fall is publicly available, and features a 100+ page Player's Handbook written by yours truly. This project has been entirely built from scratch, include original rulesets for combat and exploration systems, as well as entirely original races, classes, spells, and locations. In particular, the combat uses systems that introduce directional guarding, as well as a spellcasting system where each element of magic uses a specific type of spell slot. The different playstyles of each element can be combined freely with the bonuses that are gained from selecting a race and class, giving players a wide variety of possible builds.

           Much of the development of this game has been done live on-camera during the game design livestreams I occasionally do on my Twitch channel, where I work on the game while discussing the design philosophies and decisions that have guided me throughout the development thus far. At present, several dozen hours of development footage exists online, although since these work sessions often contain crude language, viewer's discretion is advised.

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