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What is Kickback Chrome?

        Kickback Chrome was made in 48 hours for the GTMK Game Jam 2019, under the theme "only one". Kickback Chrome is a one-button action platformer where the player propels themselves backward with every time they shoot. Automatically running forward, the player must jump, dodge and shoot their way to the end of the level, across the jagged terrain of a futuristic city.

My Contributions

        I pitched the original concept and design of Kickback Chrome to my team, which was assembled on the spot. My primary contributions were systems and mechanics design, level design, creating the sound effects, and I created several the art assets used in the game. Work was done remotely through Discord as we took "shifts" in the 48-hour development window. During breaks for biological necessity, I would take a design journal into the kitchen or restroom to in order to continue working as our deadlines approached.


                 After submission, to the game jam, players voted on projects from other creators in a number of categories. When voting concluded, our game was ranked #424 out of 2,567 entries. I found the feedback on our game extremely useful. In the future, it could have benefitted from a higher focus on object readability against the detailed background, and including more intense visual effects to represent the player's weapon charging, as the audio cues without bombastic visuals did not read to players.

Aug. 2nd - Aug. 4th, 2019

Designer and Artist

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