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My Resume

          As you may have seen on my homepage, I do all sorts of stuff! A resume's the best way to sum it all up! Listed here on this page is a web-readable version of my up-to-date resume which contains a few additional details that couldn't be crammed onto a single sheet of paper. Additionally, if you'd prefer to have this document in a more concise form, or as a formatted .pdf file, a button to download my resume is right above this text box!

(Resume is up to date as of August 2022).



At: Champlain College

Attended Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, obtaining a Bachelor's of Science in Game Design. This education was notable for providing an upside-down curriculum that gave students multiple years of real experience developing games in a professional environment,


Work Experience

Summer 2021 - Present

Job: Content Creator

At: Self-Employed

  • Built an online brand, establishing and managing an active social media presence and community on multiple platforms under a pseudonym to maintain privacy in the digital era.

  • Created digital art assets including logos, panels, VTuber models, YouTube thumbnails and custom emotes for clients and fellow creators via paid commissions.​​

    • Further details available upon request. I take online safety very seriously and do not make this identity public, although I am very proud of what I do.

Summer 2020

Job: Design Intern

At: Raven Software, Activision

More Info

  • Performed extensive research on sustainable design practices and the current trends of Warzone's metagame in order to create tools for the Systems Team to use in the future.

  • Performed data analyses which led to the implementation of balance changes.

  • Gained valuable experience working with a large and talented team on an AAA title with ongoing updates while working remotely during the pandemic.

Work Experience

Major Projects

Summer 2022 - Present

Role: Systems/Narrative Design

Game: [Unannounced Project]

  • Currently developing a retro-inspired FPS where the player controls a leech, focused on a frenetic gameplay system where the player must get into the melee range to refill their ammo from the enemy's blood.

  • Wrote a comprehensive lore document for the setting, including fleshing out major historic events, the culture of each location, and the businesses and factions that populate the world.

    • Further details on this project such as the narrative and systems documentation are available upon request.

Fall 2020 - Summer 2021

Role: Design Lead

Game: JunkPunk Arena

More Info

Steam Page

  • Led the design of the UI/UX, QA, balancing, and narrative in the first half of development, shifting to a more specialized UI and communication role as the team expanded.

  • Acted as a pillar of communication between the design team and the product owner, as well as between the design team and the leads of other disciplines.

  • Worked in Figma, as well as with the UI programmer and artists in order to design a diegetic user interface for the main menu.

Winter 2020 - Summer 2020

Role: QA Lead, Designer

Game: Forkdrift

More Info

Steam Page

  • Created surveys, ran playtests, and analyzed data in order to improve the unique controls of playing as a forklift, as well as gauging the enjoyment of each mode and feature, making data-supported suggestions to improve the gameplay and content.

  • Assisted in various design aspects over the course of development, particularly early level design, internal documentation, and public-facing synopses.

  • Shifted to working from home mid-development due to the start of the pandemic, releasing successfully as an independently published game on Steam with over 100,000 downloads.

Major Projects
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