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Welcome to my website! I'm Max, a generalist game designer specializing in Systems Design, as well as a freelance digital artist, a passionate animal enthusiast, and potentially, an excellent fit for your team!

My Story

          My name is Max L. Weintraub. I'm a generalist designer specializing in Systems Design with experience creating video games in a professional environment since 2017, and have spent my time making games as a hobby for as early as another nine years prior to that. Game development is something that I have been interested in since my early childhood, and I have made this my lifelong passion and pursuit. I first started this path in elementary school, working in the extremely limiting Stagecast Creator engine, eventually working my way up to Scratch, then Game Maker, which brings us to the present, where I now primarily work in Unity. My ongoing solo piece is Urchin's Fall, a science-fantasy TTRPG featuring unique gameplay systems and an original setting, which is available for free and receives ongoing updates.

          The bulk of my work experience has been as a member of small indie teams or working on student projects, such as titles like Junkpunk Arena and Forkdrift, although I have been fortunate enough to gain some AAA experience during my time working on Call of Duty: Warzone as an intern on the Systems team at Raven Software in 2020.

          I am passionate about the artistic and educational potential of video games, and would love to work on games that can be used for education and training programs. My favorite kinds of games are platformers, puzzle games, and RPGs. I would describe myself as a "power gamer" who likes to search for optimal strategies and play styles, which synergizes well with my keen interest in balancing games.

          My other hobbies include watching nature documentaries, creating digital art, riding the biggest roller coasters I can get my hands on, writing about fictional worlds, participating in improv comedy, making new friends, and creating videos on the internet.

Featured Works


Urchin's Fall


Call of Duty: Warzone



Skills and Proficiencies

  • Systems/Mechanics Design

  • Narrative Design

  • Level Design

  • UI/UX Design

  • Character/Creature Design

  • Public Speaking

  • 2D Digital Art

  • QA Analysis

  • C# Programming

  • Design Documentation

  • Video Editing

  • SCRUM and Agile Development

  • Unity 2D & Unity 3D

    • C# Programming

  • Jira and Redmine

  • Adobe Creative Suite

    • Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere​

  • Microsoft Office Suite

    • Word, Powerpoint, Illustrator​

  • Git

  • Clip Studio Paint

  • Maya

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