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Catching Up - What I'm Working On

Has it already been two years? No really, have I been gone that long? It's kind of crazy to imagine, but here we are. Two years later. Writing on the blog that I only really used when my classes required me to, or when I was sitting in the school cafeteria, doing work on my laptop with my friends. At some point, a pandemic happened. Then things got busier and busier as graduation neared, until I didn't really have time and energy to leisurely write blog posts anymore. A lot has changed since then.

Since my last blog post, two years have passed. In that time, I have had an internship on a AAA game, I had my second release on Steam, and I graduated from college. I picked up new hobbies, found my community, and through that, have made countless friendships and connections that will last me for years. I am happy, and seasonal allergies aside, plenty healthy. So many things have happened that it would be impossible for me to type them all out!

One thing that has not changed is that I'm still on the hunt for a permanent job in the games industry. While the job market has it's "difficulties", I am nevertheless continuing to build my portfolio with new and exciting projects. I am also preparing to take this holiday season to go through the old files on my broken college laptop so I can update this website with a few blasts from the past.

I am currently pouring my heart and soul into the development of an original tabletop RPG. I have been making pre-recorded developer diaries which discuss my design decisions throughout this project and finding my way in a genre I haven't worked with before, the first of which, which was made two weeks into development, can be seen below.

The prospect of creating an *entire TTRPG* is rather daunting, I must admit. Regardless, if I'm going to claim to be a designer worth his salt, I want to make a portfolio piece that showcases my strengths at the front and center. This project has given me a chance to showcase not just my love of systems design and balancing my intricate little rules, but to feature my art and my writing skills.

The end goal for this game is to publicly release it for free as a pay-what-you-want downloadable from or one of those tabletop-specific hobbyist websites. As for the current state of the game, it is slowly moving on pace towards its MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for testing. In this context, I have defined the MVP as the point where I could hand this game off to a tester, and run the game's combat encounters and some exploration without any snags.

Unfortunately, for the purposes of taking things one step at a time, tools for any aspiring GMs who would be interested in running this game will simply have to come later in development. I certainly plan on including all sorts of lovely tools, such as example NPCs for each location, but my absolute top priority is to get to a point where character creation and combat can be tested by players. Assuming nothing goes horrendously wrong, I am aiming to hit this point before or around the end of the year.

Anyways, huzzah! Blog hiatus has ended. You can expect to hear much more about my game in the near future. If you're looking for me, I'm off somewhere working on cool projects!

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